Services and products for TELCO, banks and government


We provide technical solutions to the largest operators in the telecommunications industry in Latin America, we understand their quality, cost and service requirements, more than reliable suppliers, we are essential partners to the business of our customers.


imCARD supplies high-tech services and devices in accordance with current standards. ISO-9000 and ISO 14001 certified services and robust “Carrier grade” devices in compliance to the industry requirements.


Our products and services meet our customers expectations in terms of quality, flexibility, availability, 24/7 support. We are committed to our customers and always adapt to their requirements, we make their problems our own and add value to the solutions we provide.




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TECHNOLOGY ouTsourcing


We are the business partner for Latin America of Mediafon Datapro UAB, world leader in number portability (MNP, FNP), Centralized Device Registration systems (CEIR), prevention of telephone fraud, Automated user support (IVR) and database management solutions for the telecom industry.

We supply devices for Satellite Television, Cable TV and Internet service providers, including: Antennas, STB LNBs, Multiswitches, cable and related accessories. For ISP: HFC and VDSL modems, indoor and outdoor antennas and devices for convergence to VoWIFI.

Smart cards for TELCO (SIM cards) and for other industries; Secure Devices: PKI, HSMs, tokens and readers or validators; For banking: debit and credit cards, payment processing readers; Government: ID cards and smart passport, electronic wallets for transport (MIFARE), toll collectors and subsidy, etc.

We integrate HW and SW to create solutions and implement services. We offer managed or outsourced implementation of turnkey solutions, or we provide additional resources for specific projects, we are experts in databases, big data, information digitization and information security.