About Us




imCARD is a B2B provider focused on serving the corporate and government market, we mainly serve the telecommunications industry. Our staff began its expertise in 2004 manufacturing and selling GMS Prepaid Top-up cards (scratch cards), then we advanced to the manufacturing of plastic cards and in 2007, with the establishment of strategic alliances, our company became the first one in the region in providing a complete GSM SIM smart cards solution competing against the global market players. We are characterized by a dynamic and proactive attitude which has not gone unnoticed by our clients who have responded by privileging us with their trust and their businesses.

We are active in Latin America: Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, providing services and / or devices to a hundred telephone operators of the mobile, fixed and VoIP service. Our business and technology partners are virtually located on every continent, and we offer solutions that are managed in a coordinated environment that requires the participation of experts in various parts of the world. This global interaction combined to our knowledge of the local market allows us to offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers.



The name of our company imCARD = "intelligent module CARD" comes from our initial vocation to establish a business specialized on smart cards solutions, over time imCARD has evolved to expand its business area to a broader portfolio of technological solutions that now includes not only the telecommunications industry but also other business sectors such as banks and government.

Our core business is technological solutions, particularly IT solutions for corporate clients. imCARD does not provide products to end users, we focus on meeting the requirements of companies that demand high levels of quality and availability so that our corporate clients can focus on providing a better service to their end users.




Declaration of Principles:

In all our interactions with our clients, business partners, investors and employees, we aim to:


  1. Always exceed their expectations for quality and service
  2. Promote a Win-Win model in all our businesses and relationships
  3. Encourage open, frank and friendly communication. Always providing accurate and timely information on all vital aspects of the commitments we have made. Safeguarding at the same time with zeal the privileged and confidential information entrusted to us
  4. Operate responsibly, ethically and based on moral principles